Friday, 4 May 2007


How do you keep up to date with all these blogs? Answer: Bloglines. If you have a few favourite blogs to which you keep returning, Bloglines will help you. You simply tell it what your favourites are and it then informs you when your favourites have been updated. No need to spend time checking up on your favourites.

If this is for you there is a fantastic, easy to follow instruction guide on using Bloglines at this link I would show the URL but it would take up two thirds of this blog. Soon you will be dropping in terms like RSS feeds, aggregators etc. into conversations at (admittedly very dull)parties.

I've been using Bloglines (thanks to this instruction) for over two months now and it has rapidly become my most useful page on the net.


  1. Have you tried Technorati? I've just registered with it, I think it does a similar thing, but it is a little sparse on instructions/explanations.

  2. Hi Katharine,
    I've not tried Technorati yet, although all the blogs I subscribe to seem to favour it over bloglines. Am I using the betamax of feeds whilst everyone else is using the new VHS, Technorati? I will check it out, thanks.

  3. I use Bloglines and it is perfectly adequate :) Technorati is more 'social' I think, and is good as a search engine for blogs.I'cve registered my blog with them so now it shows up in searches. Libworm is also good for this; as a search engine for liblogs and as a place to publicise your blogs.
    But as a feedreader Bloglines is fine. If it's good enough for Phil Bradely, it's good enough for me.

    Pete Smith, Library Too

  4. I moved from Bloglines to Google Reader a while ago. It was supposed to be a temporary thing to compare the two, but it seems to have ended up being permanent.

    In terms of what they actually do, there's not much difference. I prefer the interface in Google Reader and the fact that I can share links.