Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Web 2.0 book

Phil's book arrived through my letterbox last week. As you would expect, it is packed with explanations of the various elements which make up Web 2.0 and loads of hints and tips as to how these applications may be applied to libraries. I will be using this book in conjunction with the Five Weeks to a Social Library website which has already had enough publicity from me. Copies can be bought from Facet Publishing. It also gives me an excuse to add my first picture to my otherwise dull-looking blog.


  1. I've just started reading this too. We ordered it through our 'staff development' budget. Only made it to Chapter 2 so far because I'm reading it during quiet times at work, but I like how it's written (apart from the typo on p7) and I like that the list of links is repeated at the end of the chapter. Have you visited the webpage yet? Must get round to that too - what a great idea to have readers contributing to changes - truly social.

  2. Hi deargreenplace,
    I'm quite linear in the way I work, so I probably won't look at the website until I'm a good way through the book. Saying that, like Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything except temptation - and you are now tempting me to look at the site. Also, I've now got to go back to page 7 thanks to you.

    My favouirite feature of the book is that there is a section on each chapter on applying Web 2.0 technologies to libraries. Lots of ideas and also lots of work.

  3. ...er...that is how we spell favourite in Wales. Sorry.

  4. ffaforut, surely ;)

    Would you recommend this book? There's a lot of L2 books out there.

  5. Hi Pete,
    I'm on chapter 5 now and it is a good book for anyone wanting to start out using Web 2.0. Having spent the last few months trying to make sense of it all, I have come across some of the information previously. However, even in chapters which deal with familiar subjects there are always little tips and sites worth exploring. It is also nice to have a book which draws all the various strands of Web 2.0 applications into one convenient information package. And of course there is the website - which I still haven't visited.

    If you are already familiar with Library 2.0 literature then perhaps this isn't the book for you. However, judging by this Spring's CoFHE conference workshop on this topic, there are a lot of librarians out there who don't know what a blog is, let alone an RSS feed. (Me last February, for instance!)

    If the price is putting you off, get your library to buy it. I'm sure there's one very close to your heart.

  6. Oh price isn't an issue. I have heard Phil speak, and just wonder how much the book will add. I might get a copy at Umbrella, if Fact have copies there.